Saturday, July 16, 2011

In honor of brewsfest/beerfest/oh, whatever!

I'll be missing brewsfest/beerfest this year so here are some memories from last year's Summertime Brews Festival in Greensboro, NC:
  • One of the first things you must have noticed this year: the tasting glasses were MUCH smaller!
  • You think you'll get there early enough to avoid a line but you're almost always wrong.
  • You don't make the effort to say "Summertime Brews Festival". It's cut to "brewsfest" or the ever generic "beerfest". By the way, I want to watch that movie.
  • You get your fill of beers before the first hour's over but then last call seems to come too quickly after that!
  • The lines for everything aren't really as long as they seem.
  • The meadery meads were gross.
  • We saw the guys in kilts again.
  • For some reason I think I am impressing Chris when I can say the phone number of Bluebird Taxi from memory at lightning speed. It's not that impressive. Useful info, but not impressive.
  • What was that company that was selling rides home or something? They had a booth right before we got our glasses. They
  • Two words: mike's Margarita. That was the end-of-the-night watering hole though we didn't get invited to any parties in Thomasville.
  • I got souvenirs!
  • I needed souvenirs because I dropped and shattered my tasting glass!
  • It was a shame that I broke my tasting glass. Perhaps it was even more of a shame to drop it after we already left the coliseum?
  • We meant to call Chris Howell, but I don't think anyone did. Now that's a shame.
  • Thank you to my friends that highly recommended going to the restroom. For some reasons I thought I didn't want/need to go but afterwards I felt like a new woman.
  • It was kind of sad that a lot of us didn't recognize any of the millions of people in line when we first got there but once inside we saw a few people we knew. I don't think anyone really decided whether only "a few" was a good thing or a bad thing.
  • A lot of us ended up having full-fledged conversations with people we didn't know.
  • I loved rinsing out my glass.
  • Little John's Tattoo was there. The had brochures on permanent makeup and I wanted to pick one up but I was too scared. (?)
  • This is beerfest, not Greene Street. No need to dress up, ladies.
  • Well, you can dress up if you dress up like that guy in the white suit.
  • Some woman kept calling the guy in the white suit in Zach Galifianakis. That was kind of weird. (See below)
  • I was a shame to veganism that night. A real shame. I think I almost cried about it.
  • Emily dropped her bag in one of those buckets of beer under the water jugs. Now that was gross. Sorry, Emily.
  • We did stop by Jake's Billards afterwards.
  • I did try to stay out of the "Should we get free hot dogs or just get Domino's?" conversation.
  • Before stopping at Jake's, Laura and I stopped by The Coffee Break. I mean, I really wanted some baked goods.
  • Now all there is to do is wait for next August, Greensboro. Did I miss anything?
But, no! Beerfest is in July this year which sorta mussed up my plans to go. Pout. Oh, well. Maybe next year! Enjoy the memory below: