Saturday, March 19, 2011

Recipe: Mango-peach smoothie; non-dairy milks

Yay for breakfast. Do yourself a favor and make a mango-peach smoothie. Updated, 4/11/11: use 1/2 cup of non-dairy milk--instead of one cup--(I've used both organic soy and almond), half a cup or frozen mango chunks, about 4 slices of frozen peaches, one banana and a bit of fresh ginger if you're feeling sassy. Updated: throw in some strawberries, frozen or fresh!
I've been meaning to learn more about soy and the arguments against it and for it, if that's what the situation really looks like: a battle over soy. I don't know what agenda either side of the argument have but for now I am sticking to what I think common sense + marketing + advertising has got me thinking: buy organic soy products and try non-soy products.
I don't like to drink non-dairy milks nonetheless dairy milk. Ok, maybe even less would I like to drink dairy milk. I'll stick to water and juices (and champagne), thank you. However, I do use non-dairy milk beverages in baking and smoothies for the most part. I've recently started purchasing almond milk and it seems to work well as an alternative to dairy milk--and soy milk--it recipes.
I've psyched myself out on almond milk. I make myself think it's "different" from soy milk, not as good as soy milk. What the heck? Maybe I'll become a bit more adventurous in the non-dairy milk aisle. Oat, hemp, rice...
Anyways, here's to spring, the perfect time to start making those smoothies!
Here's one review on non-dairy milks. 

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