Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just a handful of things that I'm thankful for

  • Language. For example, saying "Just a handful of things for which I am thankful" keeps poking me in the brain but let's be casual today. I love being obsessed over language and how humans communicate. It's a hobby.
  • Laughter. It is such a pick me up. I even read "Laughter, the best medicine" in Reader's Digests as a kid and I believed it. A smile works, too. When something makes you genuinely smile your whole perspective on things can drastically change for at least those couple of seconds.
  • Google Reader. "Information overload" comes to mind sometimes but my Google Reader at least helps me to organize that overload! I am more up-to-date on current events and innovations than I have ever been and I like that. Oh, also, it's brought me back to College Humor. It's been years!
  • Exercise. Ok, I'm no Ms. Universe but I'm glad that I've gotten used to and drawn to working out and such. Oh, 2010, the year of kickball, 5Ks and Zumba.
  • Tools. Humans use tools. Tools don't use themselves. Use tools responsibly and don't blame the tool! Tools that I have been thankful for: spatulas, Twitter, scouring pads, garage door opener...
  • Friends. And new friends and acquaintances. There are some super nice people around these parts! Socializing is so different now than it was in the universe of school, whether K-12 or college. I have my close group of friends but also enjoy spending time with the people I meet through work, events, other people, etc.
  • Distance and time. So, want me to call you? I can use Skype, my cell phone, call you on Gmail. I can text you, send you an email, send you a Facebook message. I'll write on your wall, post a comment, DM you on Twitter or send a reply. I'm coming to you from all angles. But, let me stop. Take a breath and rest those thumbs. Sometimes I want to stop living life and telling you about it at the same time. But, only sometimes. :) Distance and time just may make the heart grow fonder.
  • Not worrying. Like right now. I could be worrying that I haven't thought of all the thingsI'm thankful for. I could worry that the things I'm thankful for aren't deep enough or that I don't have a good balance between tangible and intangible things I'm thankful for.
At the end of the day--which would be the start of the *agh!* holiday season--I am thankful that people take the time to think about what they are grateful for. Whether for a few seconds in their minds, at the Thanksgiving dinner table, or in a blog post, thinking of what one is thankful for is a meme I can live with.

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