Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer is OVER!

As I love to tell children and parents in late August and all sorts of people after Labor Day...

"Summer is OVER!"

Sweater-weather, here I come. Not that I don't wear sweaters all year round. My wardrobe hardly changes with the seasons. It may be 100 degrees outside, but the A/C inside is enough to keep the Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake in my desk drawer frozen.

I exaggerate. Anyhow, welcome fall!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pop music on...Very thin ice!

I just realized that the soundtrack to my time in Macau last year was comprised of Auto-Tune the News and K-pop.

Takes me back. Good times, good times.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You get a smoke break. What do I get?

I stepped outside of my office yesterday for a minute or less to get a breath of fresh air. To get some sun. To attempt to clear my mind. Just for a minute, though. I felt a little guilty doing it for some reason.

I can't remember if I had ever done that before. I suppose that I do all of that during my lunch break but really all I am doing then is moving from my office chair to my driver's seat, listening to the radio, thinking about what I need to do when I get back to the office, thinking about sneaking in dessert during lunch...

So, I decided to just take a breather, literally. I didn't even really have to go outside. A tiny while of clearing your mind at your desk works, too. It's pretty amazing.

So, I took a break for a breath of fresh air. It's funny to see that some people take a break for a smoke. I've never smoked so I may not know how refreshing it is but...I'll pass. Equal and opposite pleasures?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#chuckle Instructional Facebook screenshots

I think it's so funny when I'm reading a blog post or an article where someone took a screen shot of their Facebook interface and has 34 unread messages, 12 friend requests, and 50 notifications.

I'm like, What am I supposed to think about this person?! Should I really be taking his/her Facebook advice?