Friday, July 23, 2010

Would you want to bike on Battleground?

I got a bike.

It was a pretty sweet deal. You know, free is pretty nice.

I went to Higgins Cycle Shop on Battleground with a list of questions about my bike (a list of questions that I needed help creating since I don't know much about bikes).

Because of my small head (don't let the big forehead fool you), I had to get a child's size helmet. I could have gotten a helmet elsewhere, but I wanted all my bike errands to be done as soon as possible. That left me with the choice of the pink and red helmet with orange and pink butterflies or the blue helmet with blue, black, and silver flames. I chose the butterflies. Unexpected.

When I paid for my items, the store attendant looked at my card for a while. I shrugged it off and paid; then he asked me where I was from. He asked because of my last name (thus the card inspection, I assume) and I let him know that my family is from Eritrea.

Well, a bike would be helpful in Eritrea since, as GOOD and other sources have recently reported, Driving in Eritrea Is Beyond Your Means.

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