Monday, July 19, 2010

Vegan reading in Greensboro

Yesterday, I stopped by Barnes & Noble to peruse the selection of cookbooks and other books on all things vegan. I was shocked at the selection. I wasn't even in a rush but I felt rushed--information overload! Honestly, I haven't sat down with a book-book in a while so even a cookbook took a lot out of me.

I went on an empty stomach; wrong decision. The books with full color photos made the wheels in my head turn furiously. There were books on baking, books on how to start out your vegan diet or lifestyle, books on vegan brunches, and more.

Hm. I just might make a book wishlist. I'm not used to shelling out $12-$30 at a time for reading material though I eventually would, I suppose.

I was too confused to choose a book. I honestly wanted them all. I managed not to fly out of the store and grab something to snack on. I hadn't eaten for hours at the time but I made it home and had some tacos. Since we all know that tacos go great with muffins, I finished off the day with some homemade, vegan muffins--the good, ol' blueberry standby and my new, delicious banana walnut. Yum!

Go check out the vegan book selection at Barnes & Noble at Friendly Center and make yourself some muffins! I'll share the recipes I found online for these later.

It's Monday!

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