Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Help synerG determine its next project in Greensboro

Don't take this survey in a hurry. Get yourself comfortable with the beverage of your choice and cuddle up with your laptop to do this one!

Ok, well, maybe you don't have to do all that. In this only 9-question survey, 3* of the questions ask you to think deeply and respond to how Greensboro and even the Triad can get better.

You can ponder those three questions for a bit (they're listed below) or you can go straight to the survey at Put Your Stamp on Greensboro.

-What do you think are the Triad’s/Greensboro’s best qualities and features for young professionals?

-What have you seen or heard about in other communities that you would like to have in the Greensboro/Triad region?

-Please briefly describe your idea for a project, event, initiative, or other endeavor that synerG could undertake to make a positive difference in the lives of Greensboro young professionals.

If you're living in Greensboro now and plan to stay for a while, if you plan on moving to the area or even if you visit here from time to time, take the survey!

It'd be much appreciated, I'm sure!

*I know, I know; I should have written those numbers out.

Visit synerG's website at synerg.org.

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