Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are we sharing content online efficiently? (Part 4)

ISSUE: The Google-verse, continued

I find that my Google Reader in particular is my personal online content hub. I think that’s fine and to all the people I share with, they don’t necessarily need to know that. What I suppose matters to the people with whom you are sharing and engaging online is that you get that content to them in the way that is most convenient to them. Who are these people in my life and why is it more convenient to them—and at some level to me—to share content one way or another?

When I share content via my Google Reader, it seems seamless. Once the link is ready to be posted on Twitter or Facebook there’s no extra text like “via Google” (AddThis does this). I guess Google is tracking my sharing somehow, but it’s no bother to me.
So, I don’t think that my hub is what makes me think that I am not sharing content online efficiently. I think it’s where the content ends up, shared all over the place with the responses, in turn, coming from all over the place. Oh, and by “all over the place,” I do mean only a few or more sites. I’m sending this content to Twitter, to Facebook, and to people’s email addresses. No, I don’t want everyone I connect to use on social networking site but I want to make sure that I am (1) not bugging them and (2) sharing certain types of content strategically so my friends and followers will find value in them.

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