Monday, July 19, 2010

Are we sharing content online efficiently? (Part 6)

ISSUE: Outside of the Google-verse (Where will this content be valued the most?)

What do you post to your friends on Facebook?

My friend-friends know me enough that any outside content I post to the site shouldn’t surprise them much. If anything, whatever I post to the site may be entertaining or understandable to them but odd to my more acquaintance-friends or, well, Facebook-friends. I, of course, find most content that I find interesting…interesting enough to share. However, especially nowadays since the internet content has grown and developed so much from the early days of Facebook, I try to be more selective as to what I post to Facebook so that I (1) don’t flood my friends’ feeds (those that haven’t hid me, I suppose!) and so that (2) I get the most engagement out of the post with my Facebook friends.

Now, my Facebook “strategy” isn’t as serious as it sounds. I didn’t sit and strategically plan anything. But especially after experience in the blogosphere and mini-blogosphere, I am naturally inclined to be conservative with what I share on Facebook.

Twitter, on the other hand, has been a free for all so far.

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