Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are we sharing content online efficiently? (Part 2)

ISSUE: The Google-verse, continued

In the era of social where we can easily connect with individuals and groups on a large scale, I have brand loyalty for a brand that connects me to two people?

I still think that I underutilize my Gmail account but it is also up to me to either stick with Hotmail and wait for its innovation or to fully migrate to Gmail. My Gmail account is just one of Google’s features that I have embraced a bit but only for a bit. I use Google Calendar but it’s just a functional tool at the moment and I wouldn’t call exciting. I’ve filled out my Google profile but whenever I go back to look at it or update it, I get sort of giddy like I’m taking some online quiz or filling out my first Facebook profile circa 2005.

What the Google-verse has offered me as a fun and functional tool is its Reader. I love my Google Reader. One thing that I love about my Google Reader is that I can easily share posts from the many, many feeds that I have on Facebook and on Twitter, I honestly have not fully explored all of the features in Google Reader and I want to, but as it stands, I am taking the time to step back from exploring that to exploring whether I am sharing content online efficiently.

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