Monday, July 12, 2010

Are we sharing content online efficiently? (Part 1)

Are we sharing content online efficiently?

By “we” I mean “I” at the moment. I feel like I’m on share-overload but not because there is so much content to share but because I feel like I use too many tools to share that content.

ISSUE: The Google-verse
My main e-mail address is at Hotmail and has been for a while now. I had a Hotmail email address in the early 2000s but switched to a new Hotmail address around 2007. I poo-pooed Gmail when it first came out but then I noticed that more people that I knew had addresses. I finally gave in and got a Gmail account to see what all the fuss was about. I admitted then and believe now (faith based on fact, you could say!) that Gmail’s tools are much better than Hotmail’s tools. Still, I have not yet fully migrated to Gmail. I haven’t even half-migrated to that account. I don’t share my address with people so they can contact me via email and I don’t even use it as a junk email account.

I basically don’t utilize it as an e-mail account. I’m satisfied that I’ve grabbed my particular email address so that no one else can have it. So, besides being greedy, what am I doing in the Google-verse?

Well, plenty. My Gmail account does get action but that action mainly comes from other Google features. I use Gmail chat to chat with mainly two friends and whenever I accidently close out the Gmail tab or have to leave, any bits of the conversation that I missed are sent to me through Gmail. One of those two friends uses Gmail and Google Calendar much more than I do and so when he sets up events in his Google Calendar and he invites me to them, I know through Gmail.

So far, my Google-verse (outside of search which is less social anyways, I suppose) has three people in it. What’s going on here?

In the era of social where we can easily connect with individuals and groups on a large scale, I have brand loyalty for a brand that connects me to two people?

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