Monday, June 21, 2010


I was relatively computer-shy this weekend and it was nice. Wait, let's be real, I was "internet-shy" since just a plain old computer and software just won't do anymore, right?

With much of Friday afternoon off, I started my weekend early. Before figuring out what to do in Greensboro proper on the weekend before the official start of summer, I made a side trip to Whitsett for a tour of the Red Oak Brewery. A lot of the brewmaster's well-paced speech was almost over my head, but the beer samples and beer jelly samples at the end made us all appreciate all of the science and care that goes into beer...and Red Oak in particular.

The brewmaster starting off the tour.

I made another side trip to Salisbury to watch my friend Josh Sandman (formerly of Forest Oaks in Greensboro and now a high Point resident) play in the eGolf Professional Tour. It was the first time I was a spectator a tournament for a full 18 holes and with plenty of breaks on benches and grassy inclines, water and hummus and pita chips, I made it! Follow Josh's developing professional career on Following the Storm.

Josh in the foreground practicing before his tee time.

Sunday was a shame because I missed Summer Solstice at the Arboretum. I know that this seems to always have a hint of lame to it but I was diligent and happy to just do some life housekeeping on Sunday. I am always looking for things to do in Greensboro and part of those to-dos in the city are, I figure, a way for me to relax. Though I had waited a year for Summer Solstice to come around, I missed it, but it wasn't all for naught. In celebration of the Greensboro event, however, I wore my huge FeltmyHeart pink ruffle flower headband all day, the one I bought at The Shindig earlier this spring. Now that was pretty fun. Here comes summer!

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