Friday, June 11, 2010

Sheesh, is that Cheese?

I went to Deep Roots Market recently and grabbed a bunch of to-dos to make a sandwich. An unexpected lunch buy but good because I could use the groceries for more than a day though, of course, the Rice Dream mocha pie was eaten up ASAP. And I mean ASAP.

I mean, can I get Rice Dreams ice cream bars and pies in packs of, oh, about 500? Thanks.

Check out the grocery bag items below. All vegan, all tasty. All new to me (except the Rice Dream, of course) and pretty exciting!

Ok. Searching for this "chicken" salad's brand brought me t ONESTOPNATURAL, which I had never heard of. Looks hardcore. Will read about it later. The ingredients are listed there. Pretty basic stuff. We demonize "processesed foods" a lot and I will still do it (evil) but I do figure that vegans and vegetarians eat there share of processed food such as the top two ingredients in this vegan chicken salad. Well, I better not stick to that assumption; I'll learn more aout Textureized Vegetable Protein (TVO) and Isolated Soy Protein later...

I am not that into fake meats (I love this post on the topic) but when I recently tried Gardein for the first time, their frozen tenders, I realized that, damn, even the fake chicken is seemingly less-processed than "real" frozen chicken. Ugh. I hate talking about animals like that; I just watched Food, Inc. yesterday for the first time (where it was noted that industrial farms aren't raising animals, they're raising food).

Well, this vegan "chicken" salad (quotes added) tasted...great! I mean, I was never into chicken salad and the best I've had was recently (shhh!, don't tell! my bad!) from Hogan's Groovy Gourmet, but this seemed like a great substitute. It had the flavor of a chicken salad but I attribute that to the spices and mayonnaise. The TVP may not have had the texture of chicken but, let's be serious, how often does chicken have the texture of chicken?

Sad but true.

NEXT...Totally Nuts Cashew Cheese

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