Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sheesh, is that Cheese? Part 3

I went to Deep Roots Market recently and grabbed a bunch of to-dos to make a sandwich. An unexpected lunch buy but good because I could use the groceries for more than a day though, of course, the Rice Dream mocha pie was eaten up ASAP. And I mean ASAP. I mean, can I get Rice Dreams ice cream bars and pies in packs of, oh, about 500? Thanks. Check out the grocery bag items below. All vegan, all tasty. All new to me (except the Rice Dream, of course) and pretty exciting!

White French sliced loaf

Deep Roots carries some bakery items from the local area and I was surprised to see bread loaves from our own Simple Kneads! This was a very basic loaf that I thought would go well with my "chicken' salad and cashew cheese. I would have gotten it in any case because I l-o-v-e French bread (I was raised to love it!).

The loaf simply has unbleached wheat flour, water, sourdough starter, and sea salt.

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