Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gnam Gnam not that, please.

A great grilled veggie salad with a not-too-tart balsamic dressing; warm in a frozen plate! That was kinda cool.

I wrote about going to Gnam Gnam Gelato before here. I've been there a few times since then and have loved the sorbet so far. Since Gnam Gnam is basically pretty far out of the way for me, I don't plan on going there often, but I'll know what to get if I do go there. The issue I had the first time I went there was that though I knew that it was a gelato shop, I wanted to know if there were any non-dairy items (you know, the dirty word, "vegan"). I hated asking that not because I didn't want to be a bother (like I sometimes feel) but because I felt like I was saying..."I know you sell this item and it's the name of your shop, but would you have something else that isn't that?" if you can imagine how I would feel like I was insulting someone's realized dream of opening up a gelato shop.


I was assured that the sorbets had no eggs or milk/dairy so I got myself a nice mix. I realized a bit later that the cute wafer that is added in your cup is probably not vegan but...too little, too late, eh?

I sat at a table and watched as a woman came in with her child and requested the same I did: a non-dairy product. But, it felt like a slightly different situation. She was asking because it was for her child, her child that had an allergy to the ingredients she was questioning. If I remember correctly, she thanked the server for using fresh scoops for the sorbets. I wouldn't have thought that they would mix the spoons between the flavors but in any case, that was nice of the server if she did it.

The journey towards veganism continues...

By the way, I just started playing rec softball and realized I needed a mitt or glove or whatever it's called. A non-leather glove? Yeah, it probably exists but apparently "leather is the best." Hmmm...time to Google and such...

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