Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finding fitness in Greensboro

Belay's on! Generally speaking.

I'm sort of in a fitness rut. I think it's a productive rut, though. That may be an oxymoron so maybe I can refer to it as a fork in the road, a stall, a...ok, when I feel like I need to get a thesaurus out, it's time to pause.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been attending Zumba classes to jump start a lifestyle that includes fitness. Fitness, as a part of wellness, hadn't been a strong point for me in the past. I wasn't athletic or sporty and I used the gym in college as a place to be social more so than it should be.

The only time I really got up and moving on a regular basis was when I was in college. I am not just counting the fact that I had to walk everywhere and only sat down for three hours at the most during the day; I actually used the gym productively once in a while!

I got into indoor rock climbing at The Edge at UNCG which was social and productive as a workout. I even bought rock climbing shoes! (Read: begged and convinced my father to buy them).

I'm trying to find something like that that will get me hyped up about working out again. Zumba has done that, but I am trying to add to what I do in a class or facility. Of course, there is the indoor climbing facility at Tumblebee's. I have been there twice but I still haven't convinced myself to pay so much to work out there. As a UNCG alumna in Greensboro, I really could just get a UNCG membership and use The Edge again but, honestly, using The Edge specifically would just make me feel like an old mid-20-something year old (which, I would be!).

I know that there are lots of options in Greensboro. I even travel out of my way to High Point to work out. That isn't too environmentally-friendly. I've started signing up for 5Ks but I haven't worked up to actually running in them yet. I'm not sure how I feel about running, yet. I have joined gyms in the past but I often find myself uninspired to do much past the elliptical.

So, I'm still searching and trying out new things. Hopefully all of this trying out random workouts has some positive wellness effect on me even though it isn't consistent.

Then there's general day-to-day fitness: getting up from the desk once in a while, taking the stairs, riding a bike, taking a walk, stretching, breathing...all that kind of stuff.

I did buy a hula hoop (a real one from me&e) and I have a primo jump rope that I often break out when I'm bored or feel like I need a burst of energy.

It's a process. And, no, I won't be tabling things like chocolate peanut butter cake. I'll just have to work those calories off somehow!

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