Thursday, May 27, 2010

What does blogging feel like to you? Part 4

So, what is successful blogging? Do you have a successful blog? Well, maybe that whole fame-and-fortune thing is what you define as success and maybe it isn’t. Maybe a sudden 15 minutes of fame was a rush and now you’re back to consistently delivering your content. Maybe you want to make this your main source of income. In a [major] way, a successful blog is one that meets or exceeds the goals that YOU put in place for it.

I have gotten a lot of blogging inspiration from various bloggers that have a special place in my Google reader. Some of them specifically offer advice on blogging and some are just people from whom I’ve gleaned inspiration from the way they just do it.

It is often said that there are no real experts or gurus in social media. Social media includes the blogosphere. What I am writing right now is not really from my perspective as a marketing, PR, or social media consulting perspective. Much of what I am saying here is based on my experience as a content consumer—an experience that has been extraordinary recently as I have learned more about the blogosphere and, frankly, what an RSS feed is.

From social media consumer and participant to "manager," it's been a wild ride!

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