Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does blogging feel like to you? Part 2

Whether or not you blog for income, there is still respect for consistent and creative--or even just common sense--content. Aside from motivation, there are plenty of resources for helping you establish yourself as a quality blogger. Whatever “quality” means, I guess. In this arena of self-producing and self-publishing, one just may be one’s own boss. Without much physical capital and with time and focus being major investments in your blogging, one may find it easy and even attractive to just…slack a bit.

I figure that your motivation to blog is cultivated by your desired outcomes, including the level of engagement of your readers. Sometimes people may get this backwards: they have enough motivation to start creating content and when fame-and-fortune (to use a euphemism) don’t come their way in the first hours, days, weeks or months, discouragement runs amuck.

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