Monday, May 24, 2010

What does blogging feel like to you? Part 1

I feel like I've neglected this blog recently. Has Twitter been my excuse?

I think I’ve fallen in love with Twitter this year and it seems to be my social networking platform of choice.

But, wait. Isn’t Twitter a micro-blogging platform? Anyways, I never said the words “social media” until I began managing social networking accounts that weren’t my personal ones; I maintain a difference in my mind between social media and social networking. Twitter as a micro-blogging site is a type of social network but it doesn’t seem to displace anything other than perhaps my blog. Well, in the world of “social,” Twitter doesn’t replace Facebook at all for me, but the engagement I find on Twitter is a lot more, well, engaging than I thought it would be. I use the two platforms to interact and in different ways with different people and groups. The “conversation” and “dialogue” have been of value to me.

My blogging was more of a monologue that I thought I would just put out there and hoped/expected that someone would find it intriguing/funny/witty/relevant.

I’m working on that. Recently, I was better at consistently posting what I hoped were quality and relevant posts but when I became more engaged on Twitter and I learned that Twitter was, well, micro-blogging, I didn’t feel so bad about neglecting my Blogger dashboard once in a while.

I’m planning on getting back into the swing of things, though. I have decided on shorter posts and posting series of content on topics that I am interested in and that I hope to effectively share with people that are also interested in those topics.

I hesitate to say that I should find blogging pleasurable and I don’t know why. I may think that at the moment because that next thing to say is that blogging is one thing for sure:


But, I’m looking forward to it! Check out Friday’s post for the topics I plan on writing about in my upcoming post series.

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