Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is no joke.

Looks like I took myself a four-day weekend from blogging. Kinda like Thanksgiving, but not.

So much has been going on in Greensboro lately! Spring is no joke. The moment the morning of March 20th rolled in with all it's spring-y spring-y-ness, this city has been jumping! Maybe there's just as much to do during the cold and/or dreary months, but this time of year makes everything just more...energetic!

Well, except for Sunday when I was kicking around with my kickball teammates in 90 degree weather. My lemon-flavored seltzer water was not cutting it in the hydration department.

At the beginning of every month you gotta say it: "I can't believe it's already (insert month here)."

Well, it's May and we're straddling spring and summer. Before we know it, the back to school sales will be filling our ad streams.

Anyhow, today is Tuesday, May 4th. It's an election day and it's Dining out for Hunger Day.

Yes, I think "community" is a nebulous term and even concept but other times, doing something in the community is the only think that makes sense.

Welcome to May!

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