Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The year of the coconut.

What is going on? Purely Decadent has gone Purely Crazy! It seems that grocery stores are replacing the regular Purely Decadent flavors with the coconut milk versions. It's hard to miss--I guess if you are sensitive to these perhaps premium products--all of Turtle Mountain's coconut craziness: the milk, the ice cream, the yogurt.

Ok, let's be honest. It's the "milk," the "ice cream" and the "yogurt." In any case, I am not amused.

My love affair with Purely Decadent came about in, oh, Summer 2006 or so when I discovered it's Cookie Avalanche flavor. It thought, jackpot! Over the years, new flavors rolled out and I tried a few until I stumbled upon a new flavor that knocked Cookie Avalanche out of the water.

That would be...aaaahhhh...Cookie Dough.

Now, after ditching most dairy a long time ago, not having milk or ice cream for at least ten years now, I really didn't miss it. My first taste of so-called ice cream was a delightful Tofutti Cutie and I loved it. When I noticed pints of the stuff from different brands, I was more open to the idea that I could eat ice cream again. Not just sorbet, but something I could make a sundae with!

Not that I actually make sundaes.

When the Food Lion near me started straight-up replacing the regular Purely Decadent Cookie Dough and other flavors with the coconut versions, I was taken aback. I was pretty sure that I was the person buying out the stock of the regular version but it always seemed to be restocked so I could continue to pay the extra 30 cents or so that the price rose about three times (grrr).

I mean, I did try the coconut version but it was too...coconut-y. I must say though, despite the somewhat overwhelming coconut flavor, the texture of the ice cream is amazing. I kept saying that it tasted like eating a cold, creamy pillow. That's the best I could think of.

I'm no poet.

Look, if it were just a coconut-flavor of the ice cream, I guess I wouldn't care. But I now assume that every other flavor of the coconut version is just the assigned flavor in a dense coconut-y fog.

Which is ok, if you don't mind that.

I live so far out from other grocery stores that it's basically not worth it to me to buy the regular Purely Decadent and drive home. That biz would melt.

Well, I could just save my money and stop dropping 4 bucks on something that I eat in a night or two. I would get an insulated bag but for some reason I have the perception that that is not an eco-friendly purchase. The world is complex.

The year of the coconut isn't all negative. I discovered coconut milk this year and it has made my cupcake baking pretty fun and interesting. I've got bags of shredded coconut and that's been a cute and tasty addition to things.

You think I can get locally farmed coconut in Greensboro?

Yea, sure.

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