Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wiki "Pisgah"

Yesterday I had a confusing lunch. I knew that after almost 6 months of procrastinating, I needed to force myself to take my nicely wrapped donations to Goodwill. And that was done and done. I was content to shuffle back to the office and nibble on a Clif Bar because, yum, of course, but I had this urge to drive down Pisgah Church Rd.

I mean, what kind of urge is that?

I always seem to forget how lengthy Pisgah Church is. I seem to have the periodic mis-memory of swathes of a road. I realize how long the road is when I enter that area of seemingly random and high-priced housing developments. It's sort of like what happens when you are driving down North Elm. away from downtown and right before you hit Pisgah Church. Now those are some big houses!

Anyways, I was looking for a bakery. Lowercase "d" delicious bakery that is. I've heard only two but two very strong raves about the place so I figured I'd give it a go. I couldn't seem to eye-ball it while driving but that ended up being because the bakery is actually on Battleground so, not much lost there. Since I was already way into my lunch break, I happily decided to swing by Fresh Market which was just around the area where I gave up looking for the bakery. I used to be obsessed with Fresh Market. Back in the day, I would WALK there in Cary, in awkward suburban traffic.

What I came to realize, after living in Greensboro, is that what I wanted from Fresh Market was really what I wanted and actually got from places like Earth Fare and Whole Foods. Fresh Market is what it is and is good at that (you fill in the blanks for whatever you think Fresh Market is good for) but I don't see it as my go-to grocery store for regular grocery shopping.

Not that I do "regular" grocery shopping. I buy a little here, a little there; it's not like when my mother made the stop at Safeway, Giant or Shoppers Food Warehouse and bought at least a hundred dollars worth of comida for a month or so. The only time I've spent that much money is, almost sad to say, when I buy ingredients for cupcakes. And some other unnecessary items. Oh, sheesh.

I picked up a couple of items at Fresh Market which amounted to plenty for a nice, light lunch. However, I am quite indulgent at times and when I saw Gnam Gnam Gelato a few doors down, I made a run for it.

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