Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trying to do it all.

Look at the photo; look at the cute little cups. Focus on the cup on the right.

I want that.

That is the Pineapple Basil sorbet at the Whole Foods in Winston-Salem. I was skeptical at first while scanning the vegan selections amongst the gelato...glad that there was sorbet available, too, but...pineapple basil?

Yes, the flavor was odd but also, well, exciting. It was weird because I never tasted those two flavors together before and it was aaaaaah refreshing. Memorieeeees...

So, why don't I get some more? (Sighing) You know, you'd think that someone who is so intent on making the "right" food choices (begin eco-friendly, body-friendly, and all) would also care enough for the Earth to not drive over 40 minutes to Winston-Salem from Greensboro for some sorbet.

Every Whole Foods is at least 40 minutes away! The Biz Journal says the Triad wants a Trader Joe's. People seem to want a Whole Foods in Greensboro. I still love Earth Fare as my local "healthy supermarket." I really only have brand loyalty to Food Lion's own Nature's Place plain soymilk. I'm volunteering for Earth Day in Center City Park. I drive a compact car. I recycle but secretly believe that the powers that be dump all of my intent into the landfill. I volunteer with GCM's Edible School Yard. I want to be able to do it all and then George Carlin gives me this.

At the moment, I'm not really trying to "save the trees, save the bees"...all I want is some sorbet!

Just for a moment.

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