Friday, April 16, 2010

One less plastic bag...this time

I finally used my downtown Greensboro bag for grocery shopping!

I'll admit: I am very bad about using my reusable shopping bags.

I've even made the effort to put all of my (...many) bags--cloth and paper--in the car so that I can quickly grab them before going into the store. One of three things happens:

(1) I don't need a bag (or I can put it in my purse). Ok, this is ok.
(2) I just forget. Tsk tsk.
(3) I am too embarrassed to use it.

What?! Embarrased?

Sometimes. Actually, at Earth Fare, I am more embarrassed when I forget my bags. After all my time shopping in the "healthy supermarket," my efforts tumble when I try to act like I am actually choosing the better choice between paper or plastic.

They don't let you get away with that.

I am embarrassed when I go into a Wal-mart for example. Or, I could end up being embarrassed. I know, I know, even Wal-mart sells their own bags. P.S. don't even get me started on thinking about getting started on all the stores printing their own bags. Anyhow, it just seems to me that with all the hype about these bags, in big box stores and other retailers, it doesn't seem to be a part of their efficiency to have customers give the cashier or bagger their own bags. Maybe I should focus on Wal-mart since that's where it seems to take more effort for the cashier to bag items when the bag isn't on that carousel thing-y.

Ok, I am thinking too much about this. But, honestly, I feel weird about it when I go into some stores! I just have to get over it. Just look what I can fit in a fine ol' reusable bag:


  1. I have issues with the checkout experience at grocery stores; I could write my own blog post about it. I am going to limit this particular comment to two sentiments:

    1. It would be much easier if they would let you bag your own groceries, regardless of your bag choice.

    2. When I visit my sister in Portland, OR, they ask, "Would you like a bag?" No, thanks. I love that.

  2. Yeah, I just got the NC State Harris Teeter one today, but only because I left my Rosie the Riveter canvas bag back at home sadly

  3. Yesterday, my mother and I went to Trader Joe's. Before we left the house, she told me to remember to take her Trader Joe's bag. I told her that I had a million bags in my car so, no need. Then she said that you get points at Trader Joe's for coming with their branded bag. Talk about incentive! Other than shame, haha!

    P.S. Under that container of strawberries are two bags of chocolate chips. Still healthy!