Thursday, April 15, 2010

No bacon, please.

I had lunch at Iron Hen a earlier this month. Can I officially love portobella mushrooms? I think I will. Uh-oh, look at that "very good deviled egg." Vegan? No. Well, I ate it and I ate Chris' and that salad was filled with mozzarella cheese. I felt guilty. Oh well. I also am sad that Iron Hen isn't what I want it to be--more vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. I got the feeling it'd be just from the local-ish, fresh vibe about it but I know that there's such thing as local-ish, fresh cheese, bacon, eggs, and on and on.

My only hope is that Iron Hen's hash browns aren't prepared with bacon/meat or on the same griddle as bacon/meat. I assume it is but I am either going to (1) still eat it because damn those hash browns taste good or (2) just drop by for the fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Hope there's no bacon in that.

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