Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's like heaven on Earth!

Or, at least in the blogosphere!

I stumbled upon (what a great name for a website) Annie's Eats blog yesterday. I feel like I've been to that site before. I can't remember when, how and why, but yesterday was the day that I scrolled down the blog and gasped every...oh...half a second?

These are some things that Annie has featured recently that I l-o-v-e (in chronological posting order):
  1. mango sorbet
  2. taco and mac in the same sentence
  3. hydrangeas!
  4. champagne cocktails!
  5. artichokes...I mean, are you kidding me? Is she reading my mind?
  6. fresh fruit
  7. lovely handwriting (and a "liquor store" section in a grocery list!)
  8. Earth Day + cupcakes x an awesomely simple cupcake design = awesome
  9. hummus
  10. pita bread
  11. baked good featuring oranges
The list could probably go on. I did click on "Next Page," but I figured that if I wanted to get any sleep last night, I should hold off on that.

And now that I've skimmed through the photos, I can take some time to read some text and get more than the gist of posts. Although, food + photography can kinda make one crazy...

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