Monday, April 12, 2010

Is the Scrabble dictionary the ultimate reference? Hmmm...

Last Thursday I participated in the Reading Connections Scrabble Challenge at O. Henry Hotel and it was a fun time! Before that night I had no real memory of ever playing Scrabble which surprised me because you'd think that with my obsession with language, I'd be a certified Scrabble-nerd. I must say, after skimming the event rules, I got quite confused since all that ran through my head at the beginning of the first round were all the short words I could use from every language I half-way learned...

I was an individual player and played the same person for the two rounds, begging her to challenge my use of "ER" because I wanted one of the Winston-Salem Scrabble Club people walking around and selling advice to whip out some Scrabble Dictionary knowledge. Plus, they were wearing funny hats, so it was fun to see that up close.

Those Scrabble Club people giving advice put some pressure on me and my opponent since we didn't bring enough money to buy advice. That's how the winner got so may points! If I had the $10 per piece of advice and someone told me that I could lay down some tiles for 50, 60 or even 100 points, I's be all over it.

Is that cheating? Noooo, all proceeds from purchased advice would go to Reading Connections so it's all good!

I didn't win any of the fab-fab-fabulous raffle prize packs during the event, but I had mucho fun anyways.

Maybe I should buy a Scrabble board? I mean, damn, no one ever wants to play Sorry! with me...

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