Monday, April 19, 2010

How do you say...?

Yesterday was my last Arabic class at FaithAction International House. This past Thursday was my last Mandarin Chinese class, too. It seems like forever ago when I started those classes. I didn't learn as much as I would have liked to, but the circumstances involved with the classes allow me to be grateful for the foundation that I was still able to gain in the two languages.

I am planning on a series of posts based on my experiences in the classes. A lot of my motivation for writing these posts comes from the bloggers that have a home in my RSS feed and fulfill my need to read and think about language all the time! Check them out here:

I kinda like languages. (Twitter @ikll)
Language Log
Lexiophiles (Twitter @babla)
Lingosteve's place (Twitter @lingosteve)
The Linguist (Twitter @LingQ)
Spanish Only (Twitter @spanishonly)

I am so happy that I found these blogs and that I even discovered Twitter, where I follow others interested in language. The disappointing part is that I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of others out there talking about language learning. I get different feelings and perspectives from each of the above bloggers. Some of their ideas mesh with mine and some don't, but I am glad to see others think about languages as much I do!

Ok, I'm a nerd.

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  1. Allow me to post a completely self-serving link to my own website on language learning: Street-Smart Language Learning. I hope my blog can become one less that you're missing out on!