Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brainstorming: Easter cupcakes 2

I am sort of sick of dealing with powdered sugar and sticky, sticky vegetable shortening, so I was looking for an alternative to the VCTOTW buttercream frostings that I usually made.

I mean, it was exciting at first that I found that I could make (1) frosting in the first place and (2) vegan frosting at that, but I was a bit scared about how much powdered sugar and cocoa storms I was inhaling. And, it was cumbersome.

The VCTOTW chocolate mousse has been amazing as a topping so far and it is so easy to make! It tastes especially good after the cupcake topped with the mousse sits in the fridge for about half a day, in my experience.

Well, I wanted to try something new and since I had plenty or marmalade on hand, I wanted to see if I could incorporate that into a topping (that wasn't just the cupcake topped with marmalade!). I was inspired by this simple recipe and tried it out first with my orange champagne marmalade. That experiment resulted in a creamy looking glaze that had similar ingredients to but tasted different than what I whipped up for this Easter.

I used the powdered sugar and marmalade, but this time I used strawberry marmalade (and added a bit of coconut milk). I was doing figurative back flips when I saw how red/pink the mix was turning out to be! It's not really a substitute for the "all-natural" food colorings I have been looking for (BTW), but it was an awesome way to have a colorful glaze!

The decorations are the same as what I used in the cupcakes in my last post.

BTW: Homemade food coloring for colorful spring cakes!

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