Monday, March 15, 2010


Add falafel connoisseur to the list.

Maybe my life is just that lame, but I get a thrill out of the little things…like, finding new falafel.

Ok, well that wasn’t really the case, but my word-o-phile-radar went berserk a couple of weeks ago as I was getting lost on Piedmont Parkway. I discovered this:

As soon as I say “Troy” and “restaurant” in the same title, my mind quickly went from anxiety-mode from being relatively lost at the tip of afternoon rush hour to intrigue by the possibility of chickpea variations, pita bread, and the always far-reaching hope of pistachio baklava.

I decided that trying out the establishment would be a service to my fellow Greensborians (though that whole Greensboro/High Point/Jamestown area around Wendover gets me confused enough where I don’t even want to know where I am).

I got the falafel sandwich on pita (not in the wrap) and got the fried zucchini appetizer. The falafel was cut up into bite-sized pieces as opposed to the balls or patties that I often get (and those seem to be harder for me to handle). I think that I actually get offended at bad pita bread (which is… dry?) but this sandwich had the moist and salty bread that I love that is also totally different than the Neomonde pita bread that I also love (that is also…dry).

The zucchini appetizer was the real trial. I only discovered in 2009 that I love zucchini and until I recently went to Carraba’s, I did not know the awesome-ness of fried zucchini. Taste of Troy’s zucchini appetizer was different than what I expected. It tasted more fresh and was made into thick patties and then fried. It wasn’t as crunchy as I hoped it would be. It had less pronounced flavor and was softer than I would have liked, but I suppose the zucchini itself was still present and enough for me to still gobble it down.

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