Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To sing and to cry and to smile a million-fold.

The great thing about knowing a considerable amount of language(s) different than your mother tongue is that it opens a totally different world for you. Or different worlds. Not just culture in general. I suppose you could enjoy the food, dance, sport, and nuances of a culture without knowing the language. But when it does come to language as we think of it, understanding foreign languages opens a whole new world of music. New songs to cry, laugh, dance, and sing to. Those more tangible or visible aspects of culture I just alluded to could be in addition to the telling rhythms and instruments of a particular culture and though you may understand the lyrics, it may still seem foreign to you. It just sounds that way.

But (and I say this as an American), when you hear an R&B or pop-y or rock or pop rock song in another language and you understand it and it make you cry...are you glad?! I can't shake the dilemma-ish feeling of being super glad that my translation skills made it past Top 40 wherever in the world and feeling exhaustingly emotional over the actual lyrics.

Yay, YouTube! =) Keep learning foreign languages. It will help you understand English better. Bis spaeter and see you later.

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