Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry for the Vevo, but...

...did this video come in a styrofoam container?

Ugh. I hate lazy videos. It's all subjective I suppose, but I can't stand when an artist or band makes a lazy video. What do I think a lazy video is? Well, off the top of my head, I can't list the qualifications. But, it's basically a video that seems to exist only because the artist goes, "Ah, what the hell. I've got some time tomorrow. Let's shoot a video for this joint."

I guess that even sadder are the videos that are pretty complex but still suck.

Timbaland's/Justin Timberlake's "Carry Out" song grew on me as one of those songs that have straight-up dumb lyrics/metaphors. It sounded pretty cool and I got over the fact that I can't tell without screen titles whether the song is by Timbaland, produced by Timbaland, or featuring Timbaland. Anyhow, I purposely searched for the possibility of a video for the song today, and I was about 3 ounces of giddy when I realized that one exists.

*Sigh* and it's lame. Honestly, the girls in the video are pretty good and not only relative to T and JT. The "carry out" theme is addressed here, people don't get cake and such like that as carry out. I mean, sure, you can get a dessert with your meal or probably as carry out on it's own. But, until someone steals my business idea (with my pleasure) to open a take-out/delivery service of all desserts, this video missed the "carry out" mark. In my opinion.

Random note: I only recently found out that "opine" is a word. Embarrassing. (And I just spelled "embarrassing" wrong before spellcheck smacked me in the face with some red squigglies. For shame.)

And finally, what are T and JT doing? I mean, Timbaland is no dancer--or, at least, I don't expect him to dance. He and Justin already sort of did that coordinated thing that I don't know how to refer to where they dance side-by-side. I mean, I like the move, but it's very reminiscent of 2006's "Let Me Talk To You/My Love" (which was amaaaazing).

Wow. I'm a complainer. On the upside, I would guess that JT is having the time of his life. Or at least I hope he is!

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