Sunday, March 28, 2010


I finally added a blogroll to TPI! Ok, and don't believe that I knew what a blogroll was before a month or two ago.

Luckily, Blogger also calls it a "blog list. :) I added the gadget which was super-easy to work with with the whole Google/Blogger deal since I could directly import the blogs in my Google Reader to the blogroll. I wish I could have organized the blogroll by category like in my reader, but they are now in alphabetical order and alphabetical order is sacred, so I'm good.

Basically, the blogs are a mixture of:
  • just fun/random/entertaining blogs I go to
  • blogs based out of and/or focusing on life in Greensboro
  • cake and food in general
  • languages and language-learning, and
  • media and marketing
Well, that's that. You now have a glimpse into where I sift through for information in life! But, hey, I must say, if it weren't for my RSS feeds and Twitter, I wouldn't read the local paper and consume local media as much--which was minimal to none in the past.

Partly because I didn't pay to even have the basic channels and I didn't want to pay for anything but the Sunday paper but now I gots da inter-net excuses!

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