Friday, March 12, 2010

Re-evaluating the relationship...maybe later...

Hotmail's sign-in page looks different. Different font. I mean, couldn't you just make the service better instead? Still love you, though. I caved in and got Gmail a while ago after finally getting a taste of it at my old office. I do love Gmail now and it is a better service than Hotmail, but, you know...I just can't break up with Hotmail. We're too attached. I've cleaned things up and tried to make it easy to migrate all of my stuff. But, that will just have to be a day that I set aside to do all of that. I almost don't think that I should delete it since it is useful for receiving e-newsletters and notifications from websites and organizations. I don't mind using the account for that communication. It's mostly all of the old things that I need to wade through.

I'm a packrat of sorts. Even with e-mail!

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