Thursday, March 18, 2010

A place to suff my things. Part 2.

So, I now have a cardboard box filled with this and that, trinkets and baubles. I have confirmed with myself that the things in this box—the things that I purposely put here and not in the trash can or recycle bin—have no material worth or practical use.

But, I still keep them.

These are the little things that take me back, remind me of a time, remind me of a place and remind me of a person. I keep them just so that every once in a while, I sit with the box in my lap and dig through the treasures so I can pick them up, look at them and smile.

Now, this is progress. I went from a room filled with this and that all over the place. I now have a concentrated space—a box—that is only overwhelming in the emotions I have by enjoying the little things in life.

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