Monday, March 1, 2010

Beans on Buns

I need to figure out why Summit-anything in Greensboro is called “Summit.” I need to know the origins of such things! That knowledge is my life-force (or is it life-source?).

Oh, and my other motivation to make do every day is a good home-made veggie burger. Ok, not home-made, because though it seems like it would be easy enough, I’m not trying to make any anytime soon. I am still dealing with my cupcake-hangover.

I used to default to the burger section of menus at restaurants because I figured that there would be a veggie burger option. Soon enough, though, I got irritated by the fact that these “burgers” were most likely the Boca or Morningstar Farms variety. Sometimes, the restaurant would point out the brand with no shame. Alright, alright, there shan’t be any shame (oh my goodness I didn’t know that “shan’t” was a real contraction); the restaurant is just trying to cater to that set of customers, right? They gave us something! Um, yeah.

Well, if you do like I do and go to Five Guys and complain that even their grilled cheese sandwich is, um…not good…you really can’t complain. Some places just may not take the initiative to create dishes that are vegetarian or vegan. Now, one often enough finds dishes that happen to be vegetarian or vegan and are also pretty complex, even haute, or just plain great. Is that just being lucky?

Anyhow, before I depress myself too much, I know that what makes me happy is when I see that a restaurant has an in-house made veggie burger. Even if the restaurant used the same basic ingredients or flavors as a Morningstar or Boca mushroom or black bean burger that would be fine with me because those flavors ain’t that bad. Perhaps the worst thing about those frozen patties is just that—they’re patties. They are “veggie burgers” to be categorized with the other burgers on the menu. If we called it anything else, it would just be a sandwich, right? But, who makes sandwiches with patties that aren’t hamburgers? Oh, sure, there are chicken patties, yes, yes. Hmmm…can we just call it flavor-fun on a bun? Because, you know, all good sandwiches come on buns. Of course.

Last week I tried two, count ‘em, two veggie burgers of the house at The Summit Station and from Hogan’s Groovy Gourmet. Both were very different and very flavorful on non-competitive levels. The buns were different, the patty ingredients were different, and the toppings were different. Yes, even the veggie burger can have variety beyond “Grillers,” mushroom, and black bean.

The Pinto Burger at The Summit Station.

Can I have fries with that?

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