Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ain't no low acid, this is fresh-squeezed!

The early bird gets the fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Last week I finally learned a bit more about Iron Hen and found my way there for a simple and filling breakfast.

And because it was me, I couldn’t order a breakfast meal or one biscuit or Danish; I had to make a meal out of sides. I got the fresh-squeezed orange juice* (and I am glad to pay the premium), a biscuit, and some home fries.

I had to resist putting in my Bojangles order of an egg-and-cheese biscuit. Not that I go to Bojangles that often, but I know that it’s that over-the-top combination of eggs and cheese that I will love until the third bite (after which I gottawannaneeda cleansing fast). I’m glad that I got out of the house early enough so I could get lost on Cridland for at least 15 minutes. I’m pretty used to seeing Cridland from driving on E. Wendover but I’ve never ventured past the intersection. Before discovering the location of Iron Hen, Cridland and Wendover’s shining glory for me was the Dunkin’ Donuts. Yet, I have never actually been in that DD location…

I really need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The biscuit was large and in charge; I couldn't finish the whole thing so it was biscuit for lunch, too! The home fries were amazingly perfect; they weren’t too oily and if I can confirm that they aren’t prepared on the same surface as the bacon, ham, etc., Iron Hen just may need to stock up on the potatoes because I’ll be there.

*I suppose I became addicted to fresh-squeezed orange juice in Macau this summer. I got it as often as I let myself from Hyper Gourmet because, even with the exchange rate in my favor, I thought it cost a pretty pataca.

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