Saturday, February 6, 2010

Patronizing Greensboro

I'm finally going to go grocery shopping today for what seems like the first time in 2010! I've mostly been stopping in here and there to get one of three things: celery, powdered sugar, or Clif and Full bars.

What well-rounded meals!

In fact, I finally made my way to Harris Teeter this week and bought out the entire shelf stock of one brand of powdered sugar. This, folks, is apparently how I prepare for winter storms.

One of my resolutions--or, let's just say "goals" now--was to eat what I already had at home in the pantry and fridge. So far that's meant a lot of pasta and cupcakes, but, boy, it's been a fun, carbalicious ride.

That's also meant that I haven't eaten out a lot lately, which is great. My main problem was eating out for lunch during the work week. On the one hand, I felt bad for spending so much money on lunch every week that I didn't even realize until the 5 bucks here and 10 bucks there became too-many-bucks at the end of the month. On the other hand, I felt bad because I wanted to try out new restaurants in the area, try something new and pump some of my money into the local economy. I don't know how much my one lunch would help, but it made me feel good to think about patronizing an establishment.

Wow, "patronize" has a bad connotation.

Anyways, I have been craving some Greensboro eats forever but kudos to me for just saying "No!" Here is a list of some things that I yearn for and will at some point reward my self with. Try them out!
  1. Salmon sushi and vegetable fried rice from Bamboo Grille.
  2. Grilled cheese sandwich and house chips from Jay's Deli.
  3. Caprese pasta at Vito's.
  4. Vegetable boxty from M'Coul's.
  5. Wildflower Witbier from Natty Greene's.
Ok, the last one isn't a food (but I love it) and, honestly, the first two from Bamboo Grille and Jay's Deli are the things I yearn for so much that it hurts.

Well, I'm saving money, really starting to appreciate the art of the grilled cheese sandwich (vegan fail) and "treating" myself to the above.

Oh, great. The Super Bowl is tomorrow. I gotta shop now! All the bean dip in Greensboro is gonna run out!

Good morning!

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