Saturday, March 6, 2010

Exploring "Community"

According to social reproduction theory, each generation simply reproduces itself and quite frequently so at a lower level. Is this proof of "Kids these days..."? I hope this isn't true. Well, I'm sure that there is research to tell me that it is and that it isn't.

I will use "community" as the catch-all term like many of us do anyhow. There are many valid and/or upsetting reasons why we all don't live in a utopia (or various utopias differentiated by...what?). Humans, civilization, groups,'s all gotten complicated. But, that's what makes us charming, right?!

Is social cohesion stronger than aspects of society such as poverty? I mean, do we think that fostering and maintaining social cohesion that eliminates social conditions like poverty is worth it? I guess everyone and every group has their interests.

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