Thursday, January 21, 2010

What does "gsossa" mean, anyways?

It’s pretty simple really.

“gsossa” is my shortened version of a term I’ve been using for some years now: “Greensborossa.”

Ok, so what does “Greensborossa” mean? Again, simply—and randomly—“Greensborossa” means “in Greensboro” in Finnish.

Why, yes! That is random!

Well, some years ago, I delved into Finnish, a language I’d often refer to as sounding like some alien-talk. I loved hearing my Finnish friends in college talk and I even duped myself into thinking that the little Suomi I learned was enough for me to jump into Estonian, too! Well, after I learned that “Helsinki” would turn into “Helsingissä,” I thought I was on a roll. Wow, I am writing this from memory so I hope I am not screwing up any of the spelling!

Oh, those were the days.

Well, I am trying to keep up with my Spanish, get back into to German and re-establish flirting with Italian and Russian in my downtime (because I have so much downtime).

Within the next week, I’ll start my Mandarin Chinese and Arabic classes. Am I crazy?! Ah, it’s ok. It’s excercising the mind.

Maybe I should figure out a way to exercise the body, too, so I won’t feel so bad noshing as I’m flipping through my “E Nagu Eesti”…

These maakera ads used to crack me up.

"Greensborossa" as a search terms always seemed to link to golf news...but, wow, now it's a lot of my stuff! Ooooh, and even a Wikipedia page! Fancy.

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