Saturday, January 30, 2010

Though I love a good alphabet...

In case you ever follow me to the letter...via this blog or elsewhere...just know that if I ever make a spelling mistake and catch it later, I explode with shame. Yes, I depend on spellcheck programs when available (in fact, right now, I am being told by a low-key red underline that "spellcheck" is not one word...*sigh*). But, of course, spell-check-ers don't always catch what you mean to say. You meant "cup?" Well, you just typed "up" and that's a real word in my book! Doesn't make sense in your sentence? Too bad!

Many of us have already giggled in self-righteous/self-loathing judgment at The Oatmeal's Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling. Well, I honestly make some of those mistakes in typing but mostly because I decided to not take Keyboarding in middle school. Future of technology FAIL.

I have more personal writing/typing snafus that always irk me but, hey, they make me me, right? Perhaps. Or, they just make me a reckless writer.

Ok, and so here are my usual mistakes:
--When typing a word that ends with the letters "th," like "bath," I type an "e" at the end of the word because I think I am in the process of writing "the."
--When I write by hand (which is increasingly awkward and hasty because I do it less and less it seems), I usually cross the "l"s or "h"s instead if the "t"s in a word that contains those letters.
--I don't dot my "i"s or "j"s.
--Sometimes, I don't even attempt to cross my "t"s.
--I almost ALWAYS type the word "just" as "jsut". Christ almighty, that is a pet peeve I've inflicted on myself.
--When connected letters like "m"s, "n"s, and "u"s in handwriting...I usually just let them all run together and the word just ends up looking like the loopty-loop scribble I used to think cursive looked like when I was in first or second grade.

For shame.

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, I totally overuse the ellipsis but that's a punctuation thing.

Speaking of me and punctuation...

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