Saturday, January 30, 2010

I should really consult a physician first. #snomg!

Well, since it's snowing like a mother here in Greensboro, I'm cooped up in la casa, and January is winding down, I might as well try to rush some fake intent to jump on the bandwagon and set goals for the cosmopolitan New Year's resolution of losing weight.

Oops, I mean "getting healthy." Whatever.

Ok, and no goal-setting here. I have tweaked my lifestyle-eating this month but I think it had less to do with planning and more to do with "just doing it." Ew, I just gerund-ed a Nike ad.

So far, I have rediscovered Clif Bars and discovered those Full Bars. They are great meal replacements for me and my day-to-day life though I know you can't live on those. Those I'm pretty sure you can.

I also rediscovered celery. I didn't realize how much I liked it. I always describe it as "salty" but it's probably more like "earthy." In any case, it's cheap, crunchy, and potentially versatile though I've pretty much stuck with the celery sticks for dipping thang. But, I make it fancy: I slice them up thin and serve my buttermilk ranch dip in a shot glass for portion control (vegan fail, but since that bottle or ranch ran out, I've stuck with peanut butter).

Well, yesterday night I was about to break up with celery sticks when I thought, Hey, what else can I do with you? How can I change you. This relationship is all about me.

I Googled "celery soup." (Side note: Writing that sentence just made me equate "Google" with "buscar" to mean "to search for." Qué fuerte.) I hoped, hoped, hoped that the search results wouldn't ooze diet/fast/hunger plans (which I've done since Googled) and to my sweet surprise, I found a wealth of hot and hearty sounding celery recipes. Damn, I didn't know there was such a thing as celery soup.

Anywho (not a typo), this was at around way-too-late-o'clock at night so I wasn't going to make a batch anyhow, but I starting getting frustrated/sad because most recipes simple and complex all called for chopped onion. I ain't got no onion in this house! And, guess what? Jack Frost just crashed the party so I'm not driving anywhere soon (though we've got that tease of a new Food Lion in the neighborhood).

Well, I've come up with a solution and I hope procrastination doesn't get the best of me today so I actually carry out this solution of mine. I mean, I'm snowed in, right? What else am I gonna do? Not eat and instead read my spankin' new copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma? That's like when I wouldn't eat for hours as I drooled over Food Network shows. Back when I had cable. I'm that post-college poor now.

Anyways, back to my solution. I have this lifesaver, as I call it. It's a bag of frozen mixed veggies and such with pearl onions (yay! onions!), chopped celery, sliced carrots, and diced potatoes. Can we say hearty?! I had been using these bags before (less than $3 at Wal-Mart, Pictsweet brand, unabashedly capitalistic) to have me some roasted vegetables. Yuuuuum. I am more comfortable now with tweaking recipes or letting my imagination figure out substitutions. I am no chef and I feel like I don't have that skill to create recipes on purpose, so I stick with by-the-book for the most part. Laaaame. So, with the inspiration from the many recipes I found that weren't diet/fast/hunger recipes of celery and water, I figured that I could cook the veggies one way or another, blend them 'til smooth, then cook again? Whatever. I guess I'm into the whole experimenting with food although it (1) makes me feel like I'm wasting food and ignoring world hunger issues and (2)produces dirty dishes galore--sadface.

This reminds me of back in the day when my family first moved to NC. We were caught up in a hurricane-ish type thing (yay for my bachelor's in Geography!) that insisted that you don't leave your house. Power went in and out but I that didn't matter because I was too caught up in the genius creation I made for everyone to eat from whatever we had left in the house. It was some kind of English muffin/hardboiled egg/relish/something-else sandwich. I individually wrapped them in foil and created a mountain of them in the fridge for everyone's ease. I was way too impressed with myself with all that.

My New Year's resolutions, if we are to call them that, are a mish mash of things that are just really connected. I wanted to spend less money on eating out for lunch everyday (which usually just consisted of me picking something up at the Friendly HT, or as some call, the Taj MaTeeter or Gucci Teeter for all you non-locals). I wanted to use up everything in my pantry and fridge, donate some, or throw some out if necessary. I sort of got in the habit of buying cans and cans of stuff when they were on sale for 3/$5 or whatever and so now I must use my imagination to utilize many cans on peaches in their own juice (though my attempts at a vegan peach pie with these peaches didn't come out right) and one can of organic jellied cranberry sauce. Random.

Well, I've got my bag o' Pictsweet veggies, some plain soymilk, oil and that should be the base of some awesome soup. I hope it's surprisingly awesome. I'll make it aaaaall the time then!

I heart celery.

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