Thursday, December 10, 2009

The "d" word

I've been thinking.

I know, I know...the holidays are over and, hey, I'm staring at my Christmas tree feeling guilty about procrastinating and not cleaning that mess up.

When I racked my brain for gift ideas this holiday season...when I wentout to shop...when I finally made the purchasse...I thought that I should stop and do something else.

I figure, why not buy some food and donate to a food pantry? Why not buy a toy and donate it to a cause I find worthy? Why not give some money to whom I wish?

I mean, come on. Plenty of days I spend money on frivolous things. Well, let me take that back. I buy things, perhaps, capriciously, but I do so with a muted sense of adventure and indulgence and I truly appreciate the experience whether it ends up good or bad. Sounds like addiction :) Look, I am talking about trying a new smoothie flavor here, or buying a fancy cupcake, not anything big. But, I can get those "good" feelings doing the "d" know, donating.

Sometimes the capriciousness can find itself in donating but sometimes you want to do enough research to make sure you are all-around content with your donation.

Anyways, instead of the [insert whatever here] that I was going to get today or may get tomorrow, I'll think of others who may not be so close to me that I will drive and spend gas to find the perfect ribbon for a personalized ornament.

But, I can donate some canned goods.

Give time, give stuff, give money. Whatever. It's not that hard. But don't just do it because "it's not that hard." Do it from the heart...and the head.

Mmmmm...well, that's what I was thinking just now.