Sunday, November 8, 2009

There's no such thing as "two cannolis". *Sigh*

Today, Danielle and I scurried on down to the Festivale Italiano in downtown GSO. "Festivale"? Anyways, I was pretty puzzled that there was an Italian festival in the works since I never really felt an Italian cultural presence in the area. Sure, I know of the people and the places and the groups that are or are all about things Italian, but it just hasn't seemed like the same organized effort as I have seen with other groups.

Anyhow, I accidentally matched the folks wearing the Italia jerseys and t-shirts with my brand spankin' new blue Hanes sweatshirt ($5 at Walmart, get you some). I can't believe I just used the word folks, but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy and Americana using it.

We missed the bike race but we came in at the last minute to grab some cannoli. Oh my gosh, I almost added an "s" to the end of "cannoli". That's crazy because the reason behind this post is my current pet peeve of people misusing Italian plural nouns in English. I even scoured message boards and forums and other websites to get some insight on this. I am often a sucker for blog commentary and forums. Come on, I get most of my news from Jezebel.

Well, my passion for the immediate education of the American masses on the use of foreign words in English has died down. I mean, if we are going to do that, we can't stop at Italian. And, like the melting pot/salad bowl of the States we have here, English is famous/notorius for adopting (or bastardizing, if you chose to be so, you know, negative) foreign words. Hey, it's what we do.

Eh, basically all languages do it.

Well, I agree with many commentators on the subject that, no, it won't help to try to directly or indirectly correct people on the pronunciation of certain words. However, in the food industry, for example, restaurateurs and the like should take it upon themselves to correctly present the terms for their menu items, especially if they are selling themselves as Italian or Italian-inspired. Well, it may be too much to ask for.

There are so many other things to nitpick about. Obsessed with punctuation? Please take some time with this very post and see how I probably misused hyphens, dashes, commas, etc.

Oh, the passion. Well, I did eat a cannolo (!) and a half. In honor of Chris' absence this weekend. I have taken a break from the tiramisu trials due to my current avoidance of dairy. I have a tiramisu-inspired dessert in the works and a tub of marscapone cheese waiting in the refrigerator...waiting to be discovered.

I also have some motivation to whip up my own cannoli, as well. Pre-made shells of course. I don't need to do all that. :)

Am I slowly but surely making my way to feta??? I surely hope not! This cheese train has GOT TO STOP!

Pass me the broccoli.

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