Monday, June 1, 2009

Bean Dip

It's been a while since I have posted here, at least relative to my previous frequency of posts. I sort of changed ideas of how I wanted this blog to be, but I won't try to stick to a specific least not for now. Things are so busy now (like they always are, I know). I really need to prioritize life now, for the next two to three months, and after that, in September, who knows what I'll be doing!

Well, I guess I should have some sort of idea. Right now, I am juggling many things that span the duration of the summer, basically. I am well into my first summer class, and next session's summer class will start soon enough. I have plenty of school work to keep me occupied, but no worries, for I have plenty more to squeeze into the joke that is the 24-hour day. Along with school work this summer, I am wrapping up my second--and final--year in AmeriCorps. I have liked working with the CNNC for the past two years; everything wasn't perfect or even close to it, but I gained a lot of experience and inspiration these past two years or so. So, in addition to winding down my program year with AmeriCorps, I have to find a job for that day after my last day with IAP--August 31, 2009.

So, where will I be on September 1, 2009?

Should I take a break? I don't know. I assume that, with school done, that will be break enough and a (being hopeful) 9 to 5 workweek will be a better schedule. Maybe then I can take a class for fun, like that Italian class at GTCC I've been eyeing...

Speaking of that, I have signed up for a course at GTCC for the summer, too. What the heck am I thinking?! Well, it'll be a squeeze, but I do have a reason compelling enough for me to take the class--Chris is in it! The class is serious business, but with both of our schedules being busy enough that it sometimes feels like we hardly see each other, this will hopefully be a way that we can spend time together. Class time + homework and studying? Now, that's what I call romance!

Ok, ok, I am happy to take the class, but again, it'll be all about prioritizing.

So, I ma just be updating this thing once a month or so. There were some highlights these past few weeks worth noting, I think. Man, I kind of got tired of everything that I thought was interesting being a possible blog entry--that was exhausting! It was kind of like how you thought that every funny thing that your friends said was a "Facebook quote!". Now, I'll just live my life for the sake of it and not to document for, you know, my millions of readers.

Well, May came and went quickly, sort of like last year. Graduation festivities filled the month (as they will the beginning of June) and the AmeriCorps Spring Summit was fun (yay for "fluffing the chi!"). I learned how to make Power Balls (here's a variation on the recipe I use). Chris and I got new couches (used-new) so as soon as we get cable, maybe our friends will come over even more often! Wait, we still need to get that box-thingy; wait, again!--we have no time to watch TV! But, I did add many, many more hours of DVDs to my Netflix queue of some of my all-time favorite, old-school TV shows...that I will never have time to watch. =)

Anyhow, that's enough of an entry for now. Ciao!

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