Friday, May 8, 2009

Peoples Drug

TGIF. *Sigh*

Tomorrow, Chris and I are going down to Wilmington for my sister's graduation. I've only been there once and it was more of a drive through with a pitstop at UNC-W. And of course you all know how much I love the beach, so being that close will just make me tingle. Like a jelly-fish hug.

So, tonight should be tame. The spring semester has come to a close and I had the rude awakening that in less than two weeks, I am going to start summer classes. If at all possible, I hope to take, yea, a break.

Ooooh, i have some Pinecroft in the fridge.

My parents just told Chris about how I would pronounce the Arabic word for refrigerator like "apologize" when I was a kid. I was such a trip.

Elizabeth's Pizza for lunch today. We might see Tom! I already perused the menu, as usual, and picked out some options. The only other time I went there was with MM a whiiiiile ago. Today's task: tiramisu.

I just had a sudden, weird feeling about prioritizing that task above all others.

Last Sunday, Chris and I went to Natty Greene's to have lunch with my parents. I basically forced them to go there because it's so Greensboroish. I was utterly confused by the menu; I apparenly had the old menu imprinted in my brain because I couldn't get around the new menu without stretching first. It was a sad afternoon, finding out that my favorite T&A was off the menu (replaced by the Turkey Razz), but I ordered it with avocado and my usual cheddar cheese and continued to love Natty Greene's soon after.

We continued our spending spree of non-existent money at Sticks and Stones for dinner. We met up with some old friends and went back in time to when that corner was all about some Wild Magnolia. It was one flashback after another! I guess when you have a sanitation score lower than the legal drinking age, you have a problem.

I didn't like any of the pizza. *Sad face*. But, I am totally willing to try something other than what I had. The rosemary garlic fries were too...powdery...but the fried mozzarella with pesto was great. The restaurant looks great inside, which I enjoyed even though I was shivering like I was in an ice hotel.

Hmmm. Let me look at that Elizabeth's menu again so I don't take an hour and a half to order.

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