Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More than Enuf

Man, Harris Teeter has some real Unreal Deals this week.

This is going to be an entry mainly about food.

Well, this morning, I was around N. Church way before my shift started, so I drove around trying to find somewhere to go for lunch(hmmm...wonder how much gas I've been buying lately). I squeezed through State Street and cruised around State Street Station and Cornwallis Court. Then, I saw it...well, I forget what the place is called, but it was a smoothie shop! I thought about it for hours.

And all for naught. I walked up the stairs in the Court (about 30 seconds of exercise) and stood in front of the shop's windows and the closed blinds. I tried to open the door...and tried a bit harder, just in case. No luck. Man, I was genuinely sad. Like a kid that let go of her balloon.

I zoomed down Cornwallis with no real destination in mind. I was hoping that I would just come up on something interesting. I did stop to stare through the windows of Carolina Coffee & Tea, but for some reason I was too anxious to go in there. I almost sneaked into the Golden Gate HT. But, I resisted.

And ended up at the Gucci Teeter instead.

I didn't mean to, though. I was still looking for a smoothie (and no, I never go in the Golden Gate Starbucks...or any Starbucks). I knew that there was something on Lawndale, but I found out that it was just another Juice Shop. Boo on sherbert*.

I swung around to Green Valley, blew a kiss to the IHOP, and dashed down to the MegaMonsterTeeter. Ah, sweet relief. Oh, Friendly Teeter, you and your indulgent selection. I almost got the turkey meatloaf (no blue cheese, yay!) with some black bean corn salsa (try it!) but I was also eyeing the sushi counter. I patted myself on the back for the two bananas, two kiwis, and container of raspberries* I got to round out whatever else I got. But as soon as I got that $3 cutie-pie plastic container of raspberries, I knew I'd spend more than I should. I have been spending way too much money on "lunch" these past few (many) weeks. I ended up getting the veggie spring roll wrap thing and was proud of my avoidance of staring into the eyes of Little Debbie the devil.

My teeth hurt now. The luscious avocado tricked me into fighting with every other crunchy vegetable so cutely sliced in there. My mouth hurts. =(

*Wow, I didn't know there were two ways to spell sherbert/sherbet. Gross either way.
**After my initial jubilee that I could finally get a bottle of Enuf at the Friendly Teeter, I was shocked at the 47 grams of sugar. I wish I didn't look. =( Got fruit instead...mmm sugar AND fiber. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

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