Friday, May 1, 2009

Kum Ba Yah

Whew! Everything's OK. No one got hurt. But, it smells like tuna now.

I flipped out when I saw Grace attempting to open a can of tuna with a huge knife but, hey, she did it. She could have had my capellini pomodoro leftovers. Mmmmm. That was good.

Wow. Google "Capellini Pomodoro" and you get a site and way too many references to Olive Garden.

Anyhow, Chris and I had lunch together today at our old "our place", Vito's. We went there only two times last year and never again...I hope it wasn't because I took my father there and ruined the "our place"-ness of it all. *Sigh* haha

I wanted something that wasn't too heavy, meaning at least no chicken or shrimp and no highly desirable and delectable fried cheese I ordered the Capellini Pomodoro--pasta with basil, garlic and tomatoes--and it was great. Molta pasta for less than $7. I was impressed. The weirdest thing is that the bread tasted just like fresh hambasha it was so weird. I will have to call my mother about that. Man, Vito's and India Palace, confusing me on my mother's cooking with their highly-similar-bread-products. yay, globalization.

Of course, I squeezed in the tiramisu. Or, the "Tiramisu Su" dessert. That must be some super uplifting marscapone. But, wait. It wasn't. Well, the tiramisu wasn't bad, exactly. It was just...frozen. After the firs bite, I got anxious because I thought that it was some kind of tiramisu-ice cream hybrid, but after some daring testing, I realized that it was just frozen. I picked at the ladyfingers while I waited for any melting action, but I ultimately handed it all over to Chris. He probably needed that after all of that feta he just ate. Gross.

Well, time's moving fast, people. It's already May. I got my graduation regalia this week and I am looking forward to a break before summer classes. Anyone have a crystal ball handy? I'm just curious to see what'll happen next...

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