Monday, May 4, 2009

El mundo es un pañuelo...(you know the rest)

HealthServe on Cone has exceptional reading material in its waiting room. Bravo. I can do without the Better Homes and Garden*, but I can't complain.

I rushed from my shift there to the orthodontist for my monthly metalworks and to explain in shame that I busted my wires. I couldn't wait to get out of there--don't get me wrong, the ortho's office is quite nice--but I was looking forward to all of the food I could inhale that had a texture harder than water.

I think that this odd taste on my lips now is...orthodontic assistant blue glove powder. It's making my smoothie taste terrible. Oh, so I did actually get a smoothie. Despite my dreams of mild crunchiness and prudish chewiness, I actually got a smoothie since I had been craving one since the weekend.

I was on my way to my normal smoothie-ing hole, The Fruit Bar, but in my dilemma to get either the 16oz. or a craving-satisfying/hunger-teasing pastry and/or brownie at Spring Garden Bakery, I made a quick right and tried something new. More or less.

I still got the pastry and the smoothie, but I finally stopped by The Coffee Break to check it out, hoping for the best, and I got pretty good! I eyed the decent assortment of sodas (including throwbacks** like Nehi in glass bottles)and cakes, pastries, cookies, brownies, and, well everything else I have been trying to avoid. Wondering whether they took debit or not, I decided to either buy whatever would amount to at least $4 or walk out. Tate St. Coffee has trained me well. I saw the smoothies on the menu, made sure that there was no moo in them, and then ordered a Guava-something-something-Blast, small. I decided to also get something to gnaw on, tempted by the other sweets selection, outside of the refrigerated case. I was surprised to see some mmm mini-cinnamon rolls...but they, and the mini-brownies, looked suspiciously (read: exactly) like the minis at Earth Fare. Not that I don't love them, but suspicious. Since I knew I loved those, I tested a cheese danish instead, against the ones I got at Deep Roots and Spring Garden Bakery. This is how I get my kicks, people. Sad.

Anyhow, all in all, it was a good experience. The smoothie was watery and no-real-fruit-sadness, but for one made from a mix, it was OK. Less sweet that Tate St. Coffee's but less thick than the one from Manny's. Maybe I should find the parts to my fake Magic Bullet so I can make these things homemade again. With real fruit.

*Thanks for the tip, BH&G. Get a $5 chair, it's a steal! Looks great, but get that $90 chair cover to complete the look! Right.
**I felt awkward using the word throwback. It just didn't feel right. Whew.

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