Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walmart Workout and Woody Mill

Oh, Sunday evening. You sneak up so fast.

Or, I work too slowly (yay for using an adverb!). Chris and I just got back from Easter dinner with his mother. Well, it was really just dinner on Easter, but I think that our neon/Spring/Easter cupcakes got everyone pumped for Easter-ing (more onthat later). Sadly for Chris, no Cadbury eggs made an appearance even though I did buy six of them to last the season back in March but they got gobbled up in a few hours.

We got back in home tonight for Chris to catch up on the end of Celebrity Apprentice. I was just glad to get back so I wasn't sitting next to Chris' lighting-flash flashing Jabra as he was talking to his grandmother, explaining that we did not go to church today but that we did drive by a huge church and it's parking lot was overflowing.

And that was in Pleasant Garden. Today, I continued my local travels down Hagan-Stone Park Road and into Pleasant Garden for the first time before we turned back around to get to the park. It was the first time I had been to the park and let me say that it was the opposite of my ten-minute stroll through the bog gardens near Friendly. I liked it! We should B-B-Q there for sure. Yay for carcinogens!

Side note: That Brandy on Celebrity Apprentice has be-a-u-ti-ful hair. Gosh, and Ivanka is pretty, too. Ok, back to this.

Anyhow, Chris and I creeped by on Woody Mill Rd. to catch the website of the new development coming up near Forest Oaks. My goodness, what happened to my old Cyburbian self?!?!? I would have never gone for this kind of parcel-itis. I have been stopping by the new Food Lion more often for groceries, keeping me more sane than I would be at Wal-mart and cutting out the social factor of the Friendly Harris Teeter. Yesterday, I did visit my phantom Wal-mart off of South Elm-Eugene (phantom when I lived in Aycock and couldn't find W. Elmsley in this universe). I went off of the beaten path (or, my beaten path) and went all the way down mysterious Elmsley to find...civilization! --> the sprawling Treybrooke Village, a CVS and, look!, Randleman Rd. I gotta see that new Aldi one of these days. I guess it's not so new anymore.

Ohhhh, it's getting late. Lots of things to get done, to do, that I need to do. Tomorrow is my first day on a shift at HealthServe. All kinds of projects are due this month for school. I better find an oral surgeon soon and get these six teeth taken out soon to advance the future of my metal mouth. Well, at least I am getting this post the very least.

I was in and out today at the Food Lion, that's a first, I guess. Thank goooodness they had the neon food coloring I was looking for. Mmmm, aaaaaall-natural. Thank goodness we had fruit at dinner, otherwise, I would have felt really bad at dessert. Below is my Easter deliciousness. They aren't hard-boiled, but I think they're still fun!

Oh, and when did Wal-mart decide on this?!

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